Whether it's an on-line talk, a Zoom talk or and in-person talk, please let us know what your Norfolk Society is up to. We'll put them on this web site as soon as we have details.

The site was originally set up by the Federation of Norfolk Archaeological and Historical Organisations, which existed to help co-ordinate activities between societies and to enable the sharing of information in a printed diary. With the need for a printed diary having faded away, the Federation no longer formally exists but Society secretaries continue to share information and keep this site in operation.

It is possible that events will be changed without information reaching the website. If you're travelling a distance is probably best therefore to ring the Society just to check that the event is going ahead as advertised. Conversely, if you're a Society secretary, please email the web editor with any changes of information and they will be added to these pages as soon as possible. If you wish to contact one of the Societies, click on the 'Member' button for the information you need.

The logos on the left provide direct links where possible - they change every few seconds to cover all contributors. If your society is a member and has a logo, and it doesn't appear, please send a copy by email to the web editor and it can be put on the site. If your society has a website and it's not listed. please send it through. If you click on the initials of a society in the diary listing, it will show a diary of events for just that society.

A number of societies undertook online lectures in that 2020-2021 period when they couldn't meet, so the site was developed to include online lectures of local interest. There are available on the front page - we're happy to add further talks if you have them available

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Using the Site

Use of the site is hopefully quite straightforward. Click the buttons at the top of the page as required.


This will give you, in the left-hand column, a list of all the talks coming up from the various societies that contribute.

The left-hand column is a list of talks, in date order. The right-hand column is a list of panels from member societies where it is more appropriate to list them in a display panel format.

If you're interested in a talk, you can click on the society's initials to go to a page that indicates where and when that society meets. In a number of instances, you'll also have a map of the meeting place; you can zoom in and out on the map to help find the location.


This button will take you straight to a list of member societies, with details of meeting places, secretaries to contact, and the society's own website. If you meet to know more, please contact the secretary by phone or click on the society's web address.

Online Talks

A Stroll Around Burgh Castle
10 Feb, 2022 - 30 Oct, 2024
A Stroll Around Burgh Castle

Great Yarmouth Heritage Guides take us around Burgh Castle. Runtime 12 mins.