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 Meetings: Town Hall, Aylsham 7.30pm (refreshments at 7pm)

Contact: Sue Sharpe

Email: sjsharpe156@gmail.com

Web Site: aylshamhistory.org

January 2024
Thu 25Changing Beliefs: The Archaeology of the East Anglian Conversion
Time: 19:30

Dr Richard Hoggett. The conversion of the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity was one of the most significant cultural changes in our nation's history and it changed the Anglo-Saxon landscape forever. This lecture uses documentary sources and artefacts, cemeteries, settlements and early churches from the region's rich archaeological record to present an overview of the adoption of Christianity in seventh-century East Anglia.
Venue: Town Hall

February 2024
Thu 29Kett's Rebellion 1549: England's bloodiest year?
Time: 19:30

Matt Champion
Venue: Town Hall

March 2024
Thu 28Seahenge and her sister
Time: 19:30

David Robertson, Archaeology East. The discovery of Seahenge, a Bronze Age timber circle on Holme-next-the-Sea beach, has resulted in more than 25 years of research. Archaeologist David Robertson will give an illustrated talk on Seahenge, the neighbouring second circle, and the dating of both to 2049 BC. He will explore how they might have been used and their importance to the study of timber circles in the British Isles.
Venue: Town Hall